Delphic Sedition is an audio/visual project currently in production. Demo pieces will be uploaded intermittently during summer 2020.

Nothing is real. I am servant to ideas, programs I run. The device I publish this on is made of metals and plastics. Before It was twisted into unnatural product It was oil in a barrel. Before that  It was oil in the ground... Millions of years ago It was alive. Before It grew, It’s constituent parts belonged elsewhere and behaved differently. For my brief window of experience, these atoms are arranged as a website. We make the same sound when we speak of it: Computer, smart phone, tablet. We agree to call It a name so we don't lose our minds. A vocab fence for the wild place. Produce folklore, habits and routines. Manufacturer desires and fears. I abuse myself with culture. High culture, low culture. A puerile and grandiose pile on top of loudness. Trembling with violent neediness, precocious and spoilt and anxious. I don't believe in ghosts but I believe weird strangers when they tell me it’s ‘legal tender’. I don't even know what I am, yet I approve of the Party. Vote my survival unto an assembly of power clowns. Let’s call it government. I absorb the unsuitable circus on a TeleVision, for breakfast. For each sunrise. For ritual. I let them inform my behaviour. Write rules in a book in the name of ‘the law’. I am ridiculous to my ancestors. Potential shame on my descendants. Language allows me to pretend we're OK. I went to that earthquake for the economy. As tomorrow as the BBC petroglyphs. I only go shopping if there’s a fanfare. To purchase the NYT best selling issuance. Drive back from Moon on a Billboard Hot 100. When the atom architects of other years can reorganise a rock to be a pistol, the earth could be stopped. I've heard you throw around common phrases like you thought them up yourself. Without restraint or principles or self awareness. Once upon a time there was no word for butterfly and a time there was no butterflies. Does the Sea weep when she tears herself to raindrops? If you rip up your ticket and leave the cabaret… I'll tell you what the mountain wants.

I throw my Delphic sedition from the glow of a thunder clap.

Delphic Sedition will be released in full by late 2020

(if it pleases The Crown)

Bug Eyed Monsters

Free Men Don't Take Orders

Michael is a human with a mortgage round his bed. Dressed in Government armour he assaults the peaceful from the safety health insurance, industrial pepper spray and a portable electrocution weapon. The Honest and noble thin blue line, thick blue privilege. They won’t let you in without an axe to grind. Petty, resentful and obedient. A retaliation agent payed in GROUP CONFIDENCE and power trips. Follows orders without question, he expects the same from you. Stop acting a hard Michael, your muscles aren’t threatening. I've had tougher days at work. You’re professionally required to rise above petty insults in order to carry out your duties. If you can’t take a bit of teasing, I don’t want you in OUR police service. Where’s your self control officer? Guess what plod… Free men don't take orders.

When encountering a pack of wild police, REMAIN SILENT.